Wednesday, March 12, 2014

 Spring Break Reflection

I can't believe a year has passed by and I haven't written one thing...Spring Break..ahhh the time when teachers rest and rejuvenate...HA!!!This holiday takes the cake...we have moved every piece of furniture out into the garage, rolled up the rugs and pads, and taken every piece of decorative glass, china, and what not and put into the garage, workshop, or bathtub...We are getting new flooring in the house that we JUST moved into in December...(that was our Christmas holiday)...In the midst of getting ready for the flooring we decided it would be wise to install a slate backsplash in the kitchen and touch up paint some areas...(it is days and weeks like this that make me wish I was not a lover of fabrics and glassware)  and I also chose this week to rid myself of the awful poison that my doctor prescribed for some hot flashes, moodiness, anxiety, etc... This drug is of the DEVIL!!!    So I can't decide if the fatigue, grumpiness, etc are just withdrawals from the drug or from the hard work or maybe the time change...but I am getting a lot done and will be back to normal(not sure if that is the correct word) by the time I go back to work on Monday...

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